Live Your Best Life

Be A Happier You.

February 24, 2019

I love inspiring and motivating people to live their very best life. I love helping people find an appreciation for what they already have. I love helping people find a happier space to live in. This is my work. I’ve always been drawn to possibility. I believe in tapping into our potential and the power of a positive mindset. We have the agency to make life anything we want it to be and I’ve always known this. I’ve lived this way my entire life. I just turned 58 and I have the same fire in me that I felt when I was 23 getting my teaching credential and when I was 30 having my first baby and when I was 40 running my interior design business and now in my 50’s a professional life coach. My entire life is still in front of me. It’s so very exciting. It will be anything I decide it will be. I get to become anyone I want to become and do anything I want to do. I refuse to live small,  limited by fear and other people’s opinions. How boring. I refuse to live limited by age and what’s expected. What a waste. We have a calling in life and this is mine. Coaching people to their best.

What about you? What are you drawn to? What lights you up when you talk about it and what do you have endless energy for? Pay attention. Explore your potential. There’s unlimited ways to live. It doesn’t have to be the way everyone else is living or the way your friends and family are living. It doesn’t even have to be the way you’re living it right now. You can change your life anytime you want to. You are much more than you can imagine you are. Smarter. Stronger. More beautiful and more capable. Decide for yourself. Stop asking for permission. How you think about yourself is everything. Know who you are and know what you want.

The world needs us to contribute our best. It’s why we’re here. We have value to offer. To create something new and to become a better version of ourselves we must go through the process of change. Our thoughts cause our reality. I know how to change my thoughts on purpose to get the results I want. It’s always been about how we think and what we believe. I’m attentive to my beliefs and my thoughts. I think life is spectacular and I believe people are amazing and possibilities are endless. I believe I can be as happy as I want to be. How about you? What do you think? What do you believe? Who are you becoming? What do you want? The best gift you can give yourself is to know the answer to these questions and now’s the time.

It’s Spring. Time for change. Time to blossom. Time to be a happier you.

Live Your Best Life

Momma to Grown-Ups.

January 29, 2019

I’m madly in love with my grown-up kids. I have the best possible situation as far as kids go. Riley is 28 and single. He lives in a beautiful apartment on the riviera in Santa Barbara. He’s kind and funny and handsome and super successful. I admire him and really like the way he lives his life. We’re friends and confidants. I love being his mom. My daughter Clancy is almost 26, is married to her dream guy and has a perfect baby girl named Goldie Valentine. They moved from Santa Barbara to Bakersfield a year ago and now she lives 10 minutes away from me. She is gorgeous and wise and confident and kind. We’re best friends and I admire her so much. I love being her mom. My son-in-law Kyran is Clancy’s husband and Goldie’s daddy. He turned thirty in October and passed all of his exams to become a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch with my husband. He’s also a musician and his band just released their first album. He has endless positive energy and is the kindest out of all of us. I admire him and I love being his mom-in-law.

I really can’t believe this is my life. It’s all turned out way better than I thought it might.  I had such fear when they were teenagers. They didn’t cooperate. They kept breaking all of the rules. They had their own ideas of what was right and wrong. They had different plans for what they wanted to do with their lives than I had for them. It was a challenging time for all of us. I thought they were headed down the wrong path. I was wrong. My mind caused me a lot of drama back then. They were just fine all along. Every choice they made, led them here. They are simply the coolest humans I know and they keep creating lives they love. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted a minute worrying. They make me braver and for sure have been my best teachers. It’s such fun being a part of their magic. No place I’d rather be than with them.

So relax, momma. You can calm down. Everything will be fine. Nothing has gone wrong. Let your kids enjoy their growing up years. Let them make their choices and big mistakes under your roof. When you send them out into the world, cheer them on and give them support and when they ask, give them advice. Trust that you did your job and they have good ideas. They don’t have to do anything the way you did it. They’ll surprise you with their determination, curiosity and resilience. Don’t waste a minute of your precious mental energy worried about what might go wrong. Stop trying to fix them and simply delight in who they are and who they are becoming. Enjoy the heck out of them. They’ll be your dream come true if you let them be.

Live Your Best Life

3 Secrets of a Happy Marriage.

December 31, 2018

I’m in a happy marriage. I’m lucky and I feel lucky. This is our 35th year. It’s a big deal. It’s super fun being in a happy marriage. I’m really glad I’m married to Jeff. It’s easy. I have 3 secrets about us I want to share. Three things that make this marriage a happy one.

Secret #1. We meet our own needs. I meet mine. Jeff meets his. We were taught and counseled way back when we were first married that he needed to learn what my needs are so he could meet them and I needed to learn what his needs are so I could meet them. It was terrible advice. It didn’t work. It doesn’t work. What it did do was set us both up for a lot of disappointment and resentment and manipulation. We could never get it right. Jeff does not need to try to figure out how to make me happy. It’s impossible. He can’t. I’m the only one who knows what my needs and wants are and I’m the only one who can meet them. It’s 100% my job and I do it beautifully. I’m so happy. He’s completely off the hook. He can make himself happy if he wants to be. That’s up to him. My only expectation of Jeff is to be here so I can love him. And that’s easy.

Secret #2. We have fun together. We’re friends. We like to laugh and be silly. We like to hold hands. We love to go out to dinner in the late afternoon and we love to go to the beach on Fridays and we love to ride our bikes around our neighborhood. It’s just fun being married and having someone to have fun with. He makes me laugh. He’s funny. He’s really good at impersonations and remembering funny stories. He sends me funny texts and he has really fun ideas. We love to sit side-by-side and stare at Goldie and talk about all the sweet things she does and how cute she is and how much joy she brings us. We like to be with our kids and hang out together. It’s all really fun. We have fun being married. It’s important and it’s easy.

Secret #3. We look for the best. We look for reasons to be in love. Of course us humans are very good at finding what we look for and so we intentionally look for the best in each other. It’s not hard. There’s a lot of good stuff hiding in both of us. I like noticing his best. The more I notice, the more I find. I find evidence all the time that he is incredible because that’s what I want to find. He’s kind. He’s smart. He’s simple and easy. He’s predictable and reliable. He’s cute. He’s not controlling. He challenges himself. He’s humble. He has the prettiest blue eyes. He’s a badass at his job. I have trained my brain to think about the things I really love about Jeff. My brain thinks those thoughts automatically now. I like the way those thoughts make me feel. I like feeling love & admiration for him. I like looking for his best. I find so much. He keeps getting better. We keep getting better. Looking for the best is easy.

Those are three of my secrets for today. Marriage doesn’t have to be complicated if we don’t want it to be. It can be easy and fun if we just let it be because it’s our story and we get to tell it anyway we want to.

Live Your Best Life

2019 Will Be Spectacular.

November 30, 2018

If you want different results this year,  you need to think different thoughts. Everything you do is because of the way you think. Your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your actions and your actions determine your results. It really is that simple. If you want to make a change in your life you must begin with your thoughts. This is the very best news I can give you. You’re welcome:) You may not be able to change your circumstances but you can always change your thinking. Let this year be the year of change. Let this be the year that you set your intention and you do the work to see it through. Let this be the year that you keep your promises to yourself. Let this be the year that you stop talking about it and stop worrying about it and you just get to work doing it. Anything you can imagine, you can become. Anything you can dream up for your life, you can create. You have everything you need right this minute to make any dream come true. Maybe you don’t believe it. Maybe you think you’re too old or maybe you think you’re too young or maybe you think you’re too stuck. Maybe you think you’ve made too many mistakes or you think you’re not smart enough or you think you’re not creative enough. Maybe you’re worried about what other people might say or what other people might think or what other people might believe. I’m here to tell you none of that matters. Not one bit. Your one-and-only-life is your-one-only-life. This is it. This is all you get and you can do with it anything you want. A year goes fast. Decide right now that 2019 will be spectacular.

Pick one thing you want to focus on and then go all in. Create a plan. Write it down and put it in order. Don’t let your brain talk you out of it. Don’t let other people’s opinions talk you out of it. Don’t make excuses. Ever. Do something each day that will move you closer to your goal. Plan on it not being easy and do it for your sake alone. Do it because you believe in yourself. Do it because you honor yourself. Do it because you love yourself. Do it because you don’t want to waste another day of your life living small and waiting on someone else to change or waiting for permission or waiting for your kids to grow up or waiting for your money problems to disappear. You have control of you. That’s it. You can change you. Nothing else has to change for 2019 to be spectacular. Changing you is going to be the best thing you’ve ever done. Trust me.

And so, my friend, what do you want? Do you know? Have you ever asked yourself that question and sat with yourself long enough to get a clear answer? If not…do it now. Decide what you want and get to work getting it. I have the tools to help. I coach women who want to live their very best lives. E-mail me for more information and we can work together. MAKE 2019 SPECTACULAR…’ve been given 8,760 hours to do it:) Tick Tock.


Live Your Best Life

A Gift.

November 1, 2018

A couple of weeks ago I sat in my living room and balled my eyes out. It wasn’t my normal ‘happy tears’ cry, it was a sad, mad, frustrated, disappointed and overwhelmed cry. I don’t cry like this very often. I have a habit of resisting negative emotions and so they of course, build up & find their way out occasionally. Negative emotions refuse to be ignored. I felt vulnerable, exhausted, afraid and relieved. The crying brought such relief. It was needed. I’ve spent all of 2018 in school and the last three months have been intense. I thought it was going to be easier & it’s not. I thought I’d be better at it & I’m not. I thought I’d be the star of the class. Nope. Not even close. It’s been challenging for me in every possible way. It’s taught me so much about myself and anxiety. It’s taught me how much I don’t know. It’s taught me how much power my thoughts have. It’s taught me how important failing is. It’s taught me vulnerability. And I can’t even begin to tell you the trauma I’ve experienced learning the required technology. UGH. This year for sure has taught me that my big dream is on the other side of every sucky feeling possible and that getting there is not one bit easy. I think I kind of knew it going in but now I know it for real. Chasing my dream looked all rainbows and daisies in my imagination but in real life it’s hard. You know what though? I’m still alive. Phew. The bad feelings didn’t kill me. Everything is ok. Nothing has gone wrong. I know it’s all a part of it and my dream is worth it. Struggle and negative emotions are necessary. They come with being human. They make me better if I let them. Though it doesn’t look like it or feel like it, let’s call the struggle a gift, shall we?

I’m going to school to become a Certified Life Coach. I picked the most amazing school with the most challenging curriculum. The bar is set high. I don’t want to be just any old Life Coach. I want to be THE MOST INCREDIBLE Life Coach on the planet. This is my dream and I dream big. I’m willing to do what it takes. I’m willing to fail a thousand times a day forever. I’m willing to work hard forever. I’m willing to live intentionally and disciplined forever. I’m willing to feel all my fears & anxiety and negative feelings forever. I know for sure this is who I am & this is what I’m meant to do. I won’t let my fear of fear talk me out of it. I’m becoming the very best version of myself by pushing through the thresholds of my own fears. I’m helping my clients become the very best version of themselves by coaching them through the thresholds of their own fears. I’m helping them discover their thoughts and feelings and dreams and passions and I’m giving them the tools to get them to a bright new place. It is absolutely the best work I’ve ever done. It’s brave, it’s challenging & it’s meaningful. The more I coach myself, the better coach I am for my clients.  The process works and it’s life-giving. It’s a win+win. It’s absolutely my gift.

The truth is, living your best life requires all the deepest, truest, hardest stuff from you. It’s what you find when you’re forced to dig in and excavate the things you’ve covered up. The feelings you’ve been afraid to feel. The hidden secrets, the painful disappointments & the lame excuses you’ve been afraid to face. All of your dreams are on the other side of your fears and sucky feelings. For sure it’s helpful to know this. Whatever it is you are wanting and dreaming and working for won’t be a piece of pie. It won’t be rainbows and daisies. It will take intention and hard work and discipline and the willingness to fail a thousand times a day. But I promise promise promise it’ll be worth it. The struggle will actually turn out to be one of the best parts of your story. It will be the reason you are grateful and honest & compassionate and generous. It will be the reason you see things differently and love people better and celebrate more. It will be the reason you are confident, resilient and living your best life. Though it doesn’t look like it or feel like it your most painful struggle will absolutely become your most treasured gift.

In the end we’re all the same. We want it to be easy. We want it to be snowflakes and candy canes. It’s the way we’re wired. We resist hard things. But the secret to our dreams is the courage to embrace it all. The good and the bad. The sweet feelings and the sucky feelings. The joy and the tears. Because it’s all necessary. Because it’s all important. Because it’s all good. Because it’s all worth it. Because a year goes by super fast, our dreams are waiting and the whole thing is a gift.

Happy November Sweet People.



Live Your Best Life

love is everything.

October 10, 2018

Goldie is here in all her glory. She’s almost five months old and over 15 pounds of squishy deliciousness. Goldie Valentine is our first grand baby and we are over-the-moon madly deeply and quite hopelessly in love with her. She’s literally the cutest baby ever born & completely perfectly extraordinary in every way. All we want to do is circle up and stare at Goldie. We can’t get enough. When she smiles we smile. When she giggles and coos, we giggle and coo. We feed her her bottle with pure joy and delight and discuss how many ounces she can drink and how often she drinks it and what a genius she is at it. We change her diapers with happiness and joy. Our conversations center around how many hours she slept last night and how blue her eyes are today. We say things like “can you believe how adorable she is and can you believe she’s ours and what was life even like before Goldie?” We take thousands of pictures and hours of video and we’ll do anything, drop anything, buy anything, go anywhere for our Gogo girl. We live in dreamy Goldie Land and we’re unashamedly ridiculous about it. Our hearts have busted wide open and are amazed at the wonder of a love like this. It’s such fun. We are in love. We feel love. Love is everything. She is everything.

So yes, let’s talk about love. Let’s discuss lovability. Let’s converse about our capacity to love. Goldie showed up one late night in May a little bundle of love and hasn’t done anything since then but be lovable. Her lovability is absolute. Our capacity to love her is 100%. She gets to be exactly who she is and we get to experience unconditional love for her. It’s a treasured gift. It’s why we’re here. It’s why she’s here. It’s pure. It’s unexplainable. It transforms us. It makes us a little kinder, a little brighter, a little softer. We don’t have expectations or requirements or agendas. We don’t compare her or judge her or wish she was different. She can’t disappoint us or make us mad or hurt our feelings. She cries and giggles and pees and poops and eats and sleeps and we love her. She doesn’t do anything to make us love her. She doesn’t work at it. She doesn’t try to be more lovable. She doesn’t manipulate or perform or even love us back. There’s nothing she can do to make us love her more and there is nothing she can do to make us love her less. We’re just all in. She’s worthy of love all the time exactly how she is. She’s here to be loved. We’re here to love her. It feels good to love her. Love without resistance. Love without conditions.

I ponder & wonder about this kind of love. How fun it is. How good it feels. How healing it is. How lovable our baby is. How lovable all babies are. How we all were babies this lovable. How we all just want to be loved. I’m fascinated by the idea that love is truly why we’re here. We’re supposed to get better at it. Maybe it’s actually a skill that we practice. Maybe it’s always available to me and I just choose to feel it. What if I took this love I feel for Goldie and choose to feel it for everyone. What if it’s that simple. What if all the other stuff that wants to get in the way doesn’t even matter. All the blaming &pushing & pulling, jockeying for position, us & them, he did this & she said that, I’m right & you’re wrong….all the judgements & unforgiveness & jealousy & smallness &scarcity & bitterness & fear….all the excuses & distractions and reasons why really don’t matter at all. What if they are all let-go-a-ble. What if the space they take up in us was replaced with the softness & brightness & kindness of love. What if we grew our capacity to love by letting go of the conditions. What if we stopped resisting love and let it in. What if we decided that everyone is lovable. That we’re all worthy of love all the time exactly as we are. What if we realized how fun it is to love. What if we realized how good it feels to love. Love without resistance. Love without conditions.

I imagine this could be the actual secret to the universe. The secret to living our best life. All of us…. You&Me&Goldie…..We’re here for LOVE. And Love is everything.



Live Your Best Life

Stop People Pleasing.

September 11, 2018

From early childhood I picked up a wacky belief that we are somehow responsible for each other’s feelings. I’m sensitive naturally to the moods of others so this created the perfect space for me to build a hearty life of people-pleasing. I had no idea that was the relationship skill I was practicing but it was an easy way for me to relieve my own insecurities and anxieties. The question in my head that drove me was, “how can I make you happy so I can be happy?” I carried this way of thinking into adulthood and into all of my important relationships. I had a low hum of anxiety if I thought anyone was mad at me or if I might have somehow disappointed someone. I believed I could set it all straight if I tried hard enough. I made my decisions based on what I thought would please others. I believed that other people’s well-being was more important than my own. I believed that a good Christian woman doesn’t say no. I believed that a good wife puts the needs of her husband before her own. I believed that a great mom raises perfect kids and runs a perfect house. I believed that I needed permission to make a decision or to speak up or to do what I wanted. I believed that my value was dependent on other people’s opinions of me. I lived my life for the approval of my family and for validation from my friends and the belief that it was selfish to meet my own needs before I met everyone else’s. I thought I was being kind. I thought I was being good. I thought I was being nice. Turns out, I wasn’t being any of those things.

People-pleasing isn’t nice or kind or good. People-pleasing is lying. We lie to ourselves and we lie to our family & friends. We go along with the group to stay in the group. We pretend to like things we don’t like. We say yes when we want to say no. We acquiesce and stay quiet and twist ourselves into something we’re not because we’re worried about what others might be thinking. We do things against our will. We’re tortured by the thought that someone might not like us or might be judging us. We have a deep fear of rejection and we avoid conflict at all costs. We let people take advantage of us. We drop everything for everyone to do anything. We don’t go after our own goals because we’re too busy doing what everyone else wants us to do. We apologize often and will go to the ends of the earth to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. We get our own feelings hurt easily but we’re never honest about it. We flatter and manipulate & lack confidence. We’re liars and we’re filled with resentment. People-pleasers cannot be trusted. We aren’t authentic and we lack genuine relationships. We miss out on so much. It’s a horrible, terrible, no-good habit & I don’t have one nice thing to say about it. If you’re doing it, it’s time to stop it for the sake of you and all the people you love.

Start with small no’s and honesty. It’s OK to cancel a commitment or change your mind or let your phone ring. Don’t apologize or make excuses. Tell the truth. Say yes if you want to and no if you don’t. Take care of yourself first and foremost. Be willing to be uncomfortable because for us people-pleasers this is all super uncomfortable. Let everyone think whatever they want. It’s fine. Truly, it is. Learn what you really like to do. Know your wants. Listen to them and enjoy them. Do the things that make you happy. Pay attention to your ideas and imaginations and be brave for your own sake. Hang out with the people you really want to be with. Invite who you want there. Be willing to disappoint anyone. Put your health above everyone else’s. If you’re a mama, trust me on this. The best gift you can give your kids is your own well being. If you’re a wife married to a grown-ass man, he can take care of himself for a bit while you figure things out. Tell him you’re a recovering people-pleaser. He’ll end up liking you better anyways. Be committed to you and your transformation. Be committed to honesty. You’ll start trusting yourself. You’ll see yourself in a new light from a clearer perspective. You’ll fall in love with who you’re becoming. You’ll show up for yourself and speak true words and make genuine connections. The ones who love you will be around & the ones who didn’t will have moved on. It’s fine. Truly, it is. Stop people-pleasing. It’ll be the best, truest work you’ll ever do.

To live your best life you don’t have to be good. You just have to be you.























Live Your Best Life

Be Happier.

August 9, 2018

I grew up with a mom who wasn’t happy and I never could make sense of it. Through my eyes, it looked as though she had everything she needed to be happy but simply refused. She was mostly sad and depressed and a victim of her own life. It was like she preferred to be unhappy. I was baffled by it & frustrated by it and deeply affected by it.  At a young age I decided I was going to be different. I remember in my teens recognizing the link between habits and happiness & so filled my days with activities that brought me joy. I loved working and always had a job. I was a cheerleader & had lots of friends. I spent my summers life-guarding and teaching swimming lessons. I went to church & ran track & swam on the swim team. I played softball & had boyfriends and said yes to every opportunity to be connected to a fun active group. Somehow, even back then, I understood that if I couldn’t find a way to be happy in the circumstances I was in, I would never be happy. I understood that a life of meaning is linked to a life of joy. I found out that a positive mindset can create a positive life and that happiness was found in the present moment. This belief system has proven to be truer than true and has served me so well for over 40 years.

The very best news I can give you is that your happiness is entirely up to you. You have everything you need right now to be truly happy. No matter your circumstances. All it takes is a shift in your mind and a little practice. You’ll have to let go of some old patterned ways of thinking. You might be waiting for your spouse to change, or circumstances to change or your money problems to disappear. That’s an endless cycle of waiting. Your husband can’t make you happy. That isn’t his job. Your kids can’t make you happy. That isn’t their job. Your friends, your parents, your co-workers, your neighbors, the entire world in general will NEVER MAKE YOU HAPPY. You will forever be disappointed. Take that crazy load back from whomever you’ve dumped it on and let them all off the hook. If you’re blaming someone for hurting you and using that as an excuse, it’s time to let it go. Forgive them, forgive yourself and move on. Stop using circumstances as an excuse. Life is hard but we obviously were designed to do hard things. Hard things are never ending. Stop giving your power away. Clean up your own side of the street. Notice your thoughts & judgements. Stop the drama. Be super kind and gentle with yourself but get really honest. Find out who you are and what you want because life isn’t happening TO you. Stop being the victim. Life is happening FOR you. You get to decide what you make it all mean. Become the hero of your own freaking life. You have everything you need to make it happier.

Start with gratitude. Gratitude changes everything and is always the best starting point. When you get a little lost, circle back to gratitude. Build your new happier life here. You want to create an abundant mindset. You need to know in the depths of who you are how much you have AND YOU HAVE SO MUCH. You are completely beautiful and you have so dang much. Train your mind to know that and remember that and live from that space. Stop talking about your problems. Stop focusing on everything you want that you don’t have.  Start focusing on everything you want that you already have. That’s right. Train your mind to focus on all the dreams you’ve ever dreamed and all the prayers you’ve ever prayed that have already been answered & have already come true. Spend a few minutes each morning for 21 days and write down at least 10 things you want that you already have. Everyday find 10 new things and jot them down. Make the longest list you can make and memorize it and celebrate it and smile about it. It only takes 21 days to build a new practice. This habit will shift your perspective and get you out of that dumb comparison/scarcity cycle that has been stealing your joy. Gratitude creates an abundant mindset and AN ABUNDANT MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. It literally sets your soul free to be happy.

Happiness is the joy you feel when you are fully engaged in your own life and when you take full responsibility of your own thoughts, your own feelings and your own actions. Your behavior matters. Your habits matter. What you intentionally practice each day matters. Happiness will begin to come easily for you when you train your eyes to see the potential and possibilities right in front of you. You will always find what you’re looking for. You’ll become that person you’re wanting to be & you’ll be contagious. Happy people create a happier world, happier towns, happier neighborhoods and happier homes. Be happier. A happy life is the best life.




Live Your Best Life

Future Focused.

July 6, 2018

I’m 57 years old and living my best life. I’m future focused and have a growth mindset. I’ve never been the girl who lives in the past. I love where I am. I set goals and imagine all the possibilities. I’m constantly changing and growing and evolving. I learn from my mistakes and don’t let them keep me stuck. If I need to change a habit that isn’t serving me, I change it. If I need to quit a commitment that has run it’s course, I quit it. I’m willing to try new things. I’m willing to make mistakes. I’m willing to be uncomfortable. I’m willing to disappoint people and I’m willing to let others be wrong about me. It’s all fine. It’s all important. I craft a life I love. I live a life I’m proud of. I don’t make excuses. I don’t give my power away. I don’t take things personally. I love myself well. I love my people well. I practice habits that move me forward. I tell the truth. I don’t over commit. I say yes to the things that I want to do. I hang out with the people I want to hang out with. I feel no obligations to anyone. I don’t gossip. I’m trustworthy. I’m loyal. I’ve decided who I want to be and I’m being that.

I have big plans for my future. I’m going to school to begin a new career. It’s exactly what I’m meant to do. The next right thing. The next BEST thing. A work that will add value to the world. A work that will push me and stretch me and make me better. A culmination of a lifetime of learning. I’ve never been more excited and terrified and HAPPY. The happiest people are the people who are pursuing their potential. The happiest people are the ones who take full responsibility for their own life. The happiest people are the ones who see possibility everywhere and potential in everyone, especially themselves. The happiest people are the people who are fully present and future focused at the same time. What we do today is absolutely deciding what we do tomorrow. I want to be the best possible version of myself today. I want to be healthy spiritually, emotionally, cognitively and physically. I practice daily habits that keep me clearly headed in that direction. I want to be an example of what’s possible in the second half of life. I refuse to live vicariously through my husband, kids and grandkids. They are free to live their best life and I am free to live mine. It makes our family extra spectacular. We’re all meant to flourish in whatever season we are in.

So how about you? Are you living your best life or are you blaming your life on something else.  Are you future focused or are you feeling stuck. Do you like the life you’re crafting or do you give your power away.  Do you love yourself well or are you being a martyr. Do you know what you want or do you acquiese to others.  Are you being honest or are you people pleasing.  Are you future focused or are you stuck in the past? Do you see possibility or do you complain about it all. Such great questions. Ask yourself and observe your thoughts and decide who you want to be. It might be time to make a few subtle changes. Some simple shifts in your thinking. A few adjustments to your habits. Maybe just one at a time. I have some tried and true ideas that I will offer once a month in this segment “Live Your Best Life.” Words that will bring life and light and challenge and fun. Thanks for giving me this space. I’m so grateful. It will benefit us both I promise.  HOORAY!!!!



Bike Crawl.

June 7, 2018

It all started with an idea that turned into an invitation that began a tradition. First-weekend-of-summer 2nd Annual Olde Stockdale Bike Crawl. We have a young group of mom’s in this neighborhood who are planners & thinkers & dreamers and know how to throw a shindig. I’m eternally grateful to be invited because I obviously love a party more than LIFE. I especially like one that involves riding my bike with a basket full of daisies through the MOST MAGICAL NEIGHBORHOOD ON PLANET EARTH!

Jeff & I began peddling down Fairway Drive around 5:00 enroute to the Woodward’s on Mt. Whitney. A happy buzz in the air and bikes coming in from all directions. Parked bikes line up and collect around the driveway and we meander through the fairytale house to the wonderland backyard. New friends and old, meeting& greeting with hi’s and how are you’s and nice to finally meet you’s! A sweet collection of people and matching t-shirts & laughter and spicy margaritas. An hour flew by, the bell rang  & off we paraded down Fairway to Tevis and the perfectly charming old-turned-new house of the Jamieson’s. What a treat! Yummy food & delicious drinks and a dreamy house&yard to explore and enjoy. Next stop around the corner and sitting on Fairway Drive in all it’s glory, the very-cool-mid-century-modern home of the very-cool-mid-century-modern-Brock family. All kinds of cute bikes piled on the cute driveway& boxes of delicious pizza piled in the extraordinary backyard along side tubs of cold wine and icy beer.  Also…tons more laughter and storytelling and picture taking. Such delight.

Last but certainly not least as day turned to night we rode to the very back of the neighborhood & our 4th and final destination. Block party St. Andrews style! The Dewars & Saikis &Neil/Ovanessians & Hornbuckles team-hosted the most perfect culmination to the most perfect evening. Party lights strung & darling vintage Dewars Ice Cream Bus parked & music playing.  Ice cream & donut holes and Starbucks coffee. Adirondack chairs, outdoor sofas, tables and firepit right in the middle of the street. The entire evening from start to finish was simply extraordinary because we live in a neighborhood that feels like a movie. So much generosity & kindness & sense of belonging.

The people in the houses around us are smart & fun & so worth getting to know. I feel super lucky to be a part of a neighborhood of families living their best life. Creating and unfolding and becoming & cheering for one another. Collaborating memories and moments to add to this gorgeous Olde Stockdale story that gets better by the day! Hooray for us all and a MILLION BILLION THANKYOU’S to the SPECTACULAR Bike Crawl Committee!!! You inspire parties everywhere. YAY YOU!